What fruit can and cannot be eaten while on a diet? Many girls follow these figures and often go on diets that carefully count calories. Some of them reject the fruit, believing that it contains a lot of sucrose and fructose. Nutritionists do not welcome this approach. The value of fresh fruit to the body Most fresh fruit has a low glycemic index. They contain very few carbohydrates, so they don’t have much effect on blood sugar levels. All fruits contain fiber, which slows down the digestive process and promotes weight loss. Its use allows you not to feel hungry for a long time. Weight Management Drink (raspberry-pomegranate)

Calorie content and glycemic index Most calories in 100 g of avocado – 160 kcal. In this case, the glycemic index (GI) of the fruit is quite low, which is equal to 10. Persimmons and bananas are also relatively high in calories. Their average GI is 50 and 60 respectively. Mango and grapes are not left much behind. Low-calorie fruits include citrus fruits, which are distinguished by low GI. So, oranges contain 43 kcal with a GI of 35.The same indicators for mandarins are 38 kcal and 40, and for lemons – 34 kcal and 20.

Surprisingly, nutritionists recommend that those who are losing weight refuse to consume watermelon. With a low calorie content (27 kcal), has a high glycemic index of 70. After drinking watermelon, their appetite increases sharply and many “let go” for snacks. Avocado deserves a separate discussion, which was discussed above. This fruit contains lots of healthy unsaturated fats. The high calorie content of avocados is offset by a low glycemic index. Can be consumed with a diet, but only in limited quantities. Avocados can be added to vegetable salads or used as a spread on toast. Banana Mama bar (cherry-banana)

Fruit diet

Such a diet, according to some estimates, can help you lose up to 5 kg in 7 days. If you already feel good, then the duration can be increased a little.

The advantages include:

the ability to eat at any time of day;

the presence of water and fiber in fruits, because of which they rid the body of toxins and poisons; there is no need to spend time preparing food, because fruits are eaten raw.

Fruit diet options There is a mono diet and a fruit mix. The most radical one involves eating only one type of fruit, such as oranges. You can also set fruit fast days, eat all types of fruit, except for the most high in calories. use Meticore weight loss supplements for maximum results, why ?. because Meticore is a unique and first weight loss support solution backed by the latest research on what can help you lose stubborn fat.

Some diets involve combining fruit consumption with fish, meat and dairy products.

The Dukan diet is based on primitive nutritional principles and is quite popular today. He focuses on eating protein and vegetables. There is no strict prohibition on fruits, but they are not recommended as a constant component of the diet, as they are rarely available to humans.

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