Things to do in Denmark during winter

 Denmark is the country where Scandinavia commences. Over the centuries, it has gone through lots of changes. The country was once known for having some fierce warriors referred to as the Vikings. Today, it is a modern and peaceful country home to both medieval buildings and innovative architecture. In Denmark, winter runs from December to February. Winter is characterized by some chilly winds and temperatures hovering around freezing degrees. Daylight hours are also shorter; the sun rises at about 9 am and sets as early as 4 pm. In the winter months, a visit to Denmark will always have you experience the Scandinavian Christmas joy; the festive mood and the season’s merriment will offer you an experience you won’t want to miss. If you want to shop for winter clothes, you can always use national Demark review sites such as Danskeanmeldelser to find reliable online stores. You can also use tripx to help you travel to Denmark on a budget. Below are activities that you can do in Denmark during winter.

  1. Exploring the nightlife of Nyhavn

Copenhagen’s Nyhavn’s waterfront has some vibrant, brightly colored picture-perfect buildings. It is a popular hangouts spot for locals and tourists alike and a stunning location in the city. It is a place where persons gather to enjoy the view as they grab a bite, particularly at night when the city is lighted up, and the canal’s water reflects the light. During Christmas, Nyhavn has warm Christmas light decorations and lightings which create a stunning atmosphere, that’s 

perfect for strolling in Denmark’s nightlife or even just for chilling.

  1. Ice skating in Frederiksberg
    If you are a winter sports lover, then Frederiksberg gardens will be your winter to visit destination in Denmark. Each winter, the ice-skating gardens are filled with ice and are open. Youngsters and families alike gather here with winter skating gear, ready to enjoy skating rounds full of fun. 
  2.  Explore the Christmas Markets in Copenhagen
    Copenhagen’s Christmas markets are situated in the city’s center and are one of the greatest places to spend your Christmas in Europe. With Denmark experiencing snowfall, this cozy marketplace is popular for pedestrian shopping. Beautiful decorations and lights beautify the wooden stalls. You can shop a variety of items, from handmade gifts to artisanal crafts for families and friends.  Some native specialties you can find comprise glogg, a distinct type of mulled wine enhanced with raisins and almonds.  You can also shop for some little pancakes served topped with powdered sugar ad fresh jam referred to as aebleskiver.
  3. Relax In Sauna at La Banchin
    This is an ideal location to relax and spend time unwinding with a friend. In the café, you’ll find natural coffee, natural wine, and Italian food is served. You can warm up here in winter by having a toasty sauna bath.
  4. Explore art at the Louisiana Museum Of Modern Arts
    Situated 40-minute train ride away from Copenhagen. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Arts is worth giving a visit. It is an architectural charm, and a visit to the museum will see you witness more than 3,500 works of art from several international and Danish artists. You’ll also have a panoramic view of the Swedish coast. The Louisiana Museum Of Modern Arts hosts various art exhibitions throughout the year, even during the chilly winter months. You will get entertained by exploring art in the museum and sculpture park on a cool winter day.
  5.  You can winter bath in Sluseholmen
    The Danish people greatly cherish the winter bathing tradition. Though it may not seem a pleasant idea, diving into a canal of frozen water is worth trying. People in Denmark believe that there are multiple health benefits associated with winter bathing, including improving the quality of one’s life.
  6. Play Board Games at Bastard Café
    Winter in Denmark can be very chilly, and that is why it is advisable to enjoy indoor activities. The Bastard café in Copenhagen encourages Board gaming. Here you will find more than 2000 diverse boarding games, from dice games for adults to card games and simple games for kids. At the café, you can also entertain yourself with an assortment of vintage games. You can warm up your winter in Denmark by visiting the Bastard café with friends and grab a drink and a bite as you entertain yourself with the variety of board games that this café has to offer.
  1. Visit Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark.
    Ribe is labeled the oldest town that covers the Denmark floors and one of the coziest destinations to visit during winter. The town was founded as a marketplace for the Vikings in the year 700.  Ribe is a fun-filled and one of the most exciting destinations to visit in Denmark., which will see you witness the medieval structures and half-timbered buildings that the town has to offer, enabling one to witness the Vikings’ true heritage.

 In conclusion, by visiting the above destinations. Winter in Denmark can always be fun.