Bergen is a charming and harbourside center in Norway. The city with its exquisite fjords, pictorial houses, unlimited museums, and groundbreaking culinary food, all presented beside a hefty portion of Scandinavian design. You can explore your favorite heavenly places with Hvitserk. This adventure travel operator company makes it possible for you to hit the beautiful destination on the planet. 

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Flagrant stuff to do in Bergen, Norway

There are a plethora of things you can do well out of sightseeing in this city, and you can find here some of them.

Fløibanen funicular to cherish the scenes of Mount Fløyen

Pause for a winter break and strike out the Fløibanen funicular, which moves you briskly in the height of Mount Fløyen each quarter-hour for the top scenes of Bergen. You can view the sunset here at the top since there is honestly no more like this part of the world. 

You can save up extra cash and hike up or down or at either side for a further adventuresome or enthusiastic tour, but it’s roughly an hour upward. There are a pair of rather nice circle tracks on Mount Fløyen, one is 1.6 km, while the other is 5 km, which lead you beyond striking lakes and into the forest cover.

 Bryggen World Heritage Site

The heritage of the Hanseatic League may be traced to the 14th century, and this ensnared mash of wooden structures and passageways undeviatingly on the dock exterior is simply Bergen’s loadstone. However, Bryggen has burnt several times down through the ages. Bryggen is yet the finest illustration remaining of the abroad Hanseatic Departments. The enclave is appended in the record of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hanseatic museum

The city has an amazing place named Hanseatic Museum on tap to examine how the system has evolved throughout the ages and to vitrine how the German traders from the Hanseatic League existed and served in Bryggen. The Museum is lodged in one of the earliest structures in Bergen city, which endured afterward fires. It has been flawlessly maintained, all the way down the original shriveled stockfish and squeaky floors of wood. 

Stay at Hotel Oleana in your visit

This hotel is exquisitely positioned straightway the great Torgallmenningen square. This stylish place flatters your experience in Bergen by extending the travel adventure back to your room in the hotel with an avant-garde blend of Boho Persian style and Scandinavian chic. A memorable vacation in Bergen and a magnificent place to flee back to at inescapable cloudbursts in this city.


Bergen is avowedly either the drizzling town in Europe or the full-on world. You may believe that enough cloudburst would embed a restraint on senses, but no, hardy northerners have formed a diverse alternative scheme for drizzly weather.