Explore Vietnam and Must Visit These 5 Places

Asia is full of natural wonders, breathtaking resorts, activities, and much more. If you want to explore Asia then you should start your journey from Vietnam. This beautiful country shares border with different countries like Laos, China, and Cambodia. It is famous for its tropical beaches, lush mountains, and resorts. The main reason to consider Vietnam is its cheap travelling, accommodation, and food. That’s why it is a popular tourist destination in the world and welcomes millions of tourists. Its culture and architecture is worth watching, making it a beautiful site. Whether you are travelling alone or with family, you definitely good and peaceful accommodation and it is possible with the backing of Atlantis the Palm voucher codeWhen you insert this voucher code at the counter, you will receive incredible concession on accommodation. Grab this valuable deal from coupon.ae right away. Let’s explore some beautiful places of Vietnam. 

See the Halong Bay: 

You can literally spend a night on a boat on this bay. You can sail around this bay in order to discover the natural beauty. It is a UNESCO heritage site and consists of water, cliffs, caves, and beaches. It offers multiple adventurous activities such as boating, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and so on. Explore the entire area with the help of a boat ride. 

Shop on the Water: 

Just like Thailand’s floating market, Vietnam also has floating markets. You can purchase each and every thing from this market including vegetables and fruits. We suggest you to visit this market in the morning. It is truly a wonderful experience for visitors to watch this floating market. Get the services of a boat to see this market completely. 

War Remnants Museum: 

Are you interested in ancient military vehicles and guns? If yes, then add this museum to your bucket list if you are travelling to Vietnam. You will explore helicopters, airplanes, big guns, tanks, and other war equipments in this museum. It is an ideal place for those people who want to see something unique. Book the best and luxury hotel for stay with the help of Atlantis the Palm voucher code and get amazing price cut. Browse coupon.ae and collect this voucher code. 

Watch the Water Puppets: 

Vietnam is also known for its water puppet theater. This show is really exciting and different for viewers. These puppets tell the different interesting stories. Their costumes and attires are completely traditional. It is totally a worth watching show especially for kids. What more could you ask for? Hurry up and explore Vietnam right now. 

Head to Hoi An: 

It is another UNESCO heritage site and located on the corner of a river. This old town is really rich in culture. They turn off the lights and use lantern which creates a wonderful environment. Find the nearest accommodation and book a room for yourself at negligible cost by applying Atlantis the palm voucher code at the billing counter. This promotion is accessible from coupon.ae.